End of tenancy cleaning: the hallways

image of End of tenancy cleaning: the hallways

We never pay attention to this room. Well, does it even count for a room?

The hallways were always been neglected by us and this won’t change in the future. They, however, are not skipped by our favorite people: the landlords and the letting agency’s representatives. And they do not care that we haven’t cleaned them properly and frequently in the last few years, because they know, that if we fail their inspection, we will lose our security deposit – those bastards. God, what a disaster? In fact, the most tiring part of the end of tenancy cleaning turns out to be the most unexpected one – the hallway, or even worse the stair area. But there is still a chance, don’t lose hope and follow these steps:

The carpet

As we all know carpets are so homey and cozy, but so annoying to maintain at the same time. And if you haven’t cleaned the carpet in the hallway properly the last couple of years, you will have problems now. Try with a vacuum-cleaner and if there are stains, you can clean them with detergent or even easier you can mix ½ part wine vinegar with ½ part water and use it instead. However, it is not sure that thus you will pass that inspection, so you better consider hiring one of the London’s professional cleaners for a deep carpet clean-up.

The treads

Well, if you are one of those lucky people, who have not only hallway, but a stair area as well, you now have to take care of the treads, too. And this is the end of tenancy cleaning’s hell. Because they are small and in the same time dirty and there are too many corners where you can find dust and so much more, and they are so inconvenient to clean as well. You have to spend at least an hour on your knees and this whole idea makes you sick. Luckily, there are cleaning companies who offer a clean-up like this as well.

The walls

The stair areas are tiny and when you go up or down, you too often want to lean on something and unfortunately, it turns out that you have leaned a little bit too much on the walls. And now there are fingerprints and other spots and stains that won’t pass the inspection for sure. So make paste from baking soda and water and get rid of these stupid things once and for all.

The windows

As we admitted that we do not clean this part of the house often enough, we skip the windows, too. And now they need a serious clean-up. Start with a wet clout only, so that you can take off the dirt and the dust, and then use a detergent and make them shine. For the best result, you can perfect with a microfiber cloth. And when you clean these, you better look for cobwebs and remove them as well, because they are on the end of tenancy checklist, too.