At the end of your tenancy agreement you will have to return the property in the exactly same condition you got it when you moved in. Cleaning this whole area might be, however, really stressful. And there is a part of this whole cleaning that is even more daunting and deserves special attention – the carpet cleaning, which includes deeply removal of all the spills and stains, dirt, dust and odors.

That is why you better take care of your carpet on a regular basis and keep it always hygienic thus keeping the air fresh. Unfortunately, we all know that most of the allergies are caused by the dust in- and outdoors. Though you may think that vacuum-cleaning is enough, a deep carpet cleaning is something every household needs. You might need some professional help, too, if you want to pass the inspection of the landlord or the letting agency before the move out, because the cleaning tools that the cleaning companies possess are designed to clean simply better.

And our company is well equipped and can clean every type of carpets – woven, cut and loop and tufted.

No matter what the material of your carpet is, we will surely clean it skillfully for not much time and your home will be soon ready for the inspection. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee which means that if you are not OK with the result we will come back and clean the whole area one more time for free. Choosing our service you will definitely be at ease during the whole cleaning and move out, so you can rely on us!

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