When you are about to move out from your rented house, you will be most probably required to return the property fully cleaned and only after that you will be able to get your security deposit back. The whole end of tenancy cleaning procedure might be really stressful, especially if you are not good at cleaning and you lack the know-how. So you will spend absolutely useless time trying to make your place look better. Even if you try hard, doing your best, polishing every surface and washing every window, the inspection of the landlord or the letting agency might be too demanding and there is a chance for you to fail. This is the reason why more and more people nowadays choose a professional cleaning service that includes cleaning of all kinds.

Hiring a cleaning company with experience, which is famous with its professionalism and perfect cleaning skills, will save you definitely time, money and trouble.

Our Chelsea End of Tenancy Cleaning Team promises you a 100% sure inspection pass!

And at the end you will be impressed by the unique result. And our team from Chelsea promises you a 100% sure inspection pass. As we have the checklist used by all landlords and letting agencies we clean your property in the way it has to be done. If you are asking yourself why you will have many difficulties in doing everything by yourself, take a look at some of the requirements in the checklist. Below you can see some of the areas that are among the most inspected ones.

Kitchen – though you always pay attention to the cleaning of this room, it is still one of the most problem raising. It’s among the places that mostly gather bacteria and grease. However, the full kitchen cleaning service we offer will include everything except for the oven. This is because of the fact that ovens are very time-consuming to clean and require far more attention.

Bathroom – this is another place in our home where a lot of bacteria could be found. We will clean absolutely everything – from the toilet bowl to the sink – using high-quality disinfecting detergents. The lime scales on the taps and on the shower won’t be skipped as well.

Bedroom – in this room we will take care of the walls and the windows, we will deeply clean the carpet as well removing all the accumulated dirt. However, we recommend you to have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly, because it may contain too much dust that could cause allergies. We will also remove the dirt from the radiators and the skirting boards.

Living room – you spend most of your time at home here, so we will take care of the windows and the floor, all door-knobs and skirting boards.

Hallways – though too often ignored, these could be quite dirty. That is why we will clean the floor’s surface and the carpets, all the radiators and skirting boards.

We also clean the door knobs and the light switches all around the house with antibacterial cleaning product, because they are used really often. Please, make sure that there’s hot water and good working electricity before we arrive, because we need them for performing the end of tenancy cleaning you expect. All the cupboards and appliances should be emptied as well.

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