When you contact our professional Chelsea cleaning team, you can be 100% sure that you are going to get one of the best cleaning service in UK. Most of our prices can be found on our website. However, feel free to call us and we will personalize a special quote for your needs and requirements. We receive a feedback from our clients that this option is really convenient and is far better than relying on some fixed prices. We do not offer the cheapest cleaning service, but for us the quality, the promptness and the guarantee are so important that we do not want to compromise only so as to offer lower prices. We are sure that our service is worth the money.

Our goal is to assure absolute satisfaction and quality for money

We promise you that you will get a response to all your enquiries and the prices will be completely inclusive, based on the information you gave us in advance. Our cleaning experts will definitely bring the value, punctuality and the courtesy at your place. You can always take a look at the price table and get information of what it will possibly cost you to use our service.

We can guarantee courtesy, promptness and response…

At the end of our service you will get a quote which will include all the products used and the insurance. There will be nothing you have no idea about that you will have to pay in the last moment. You better know that the overall cost about the oven cleaning service usually depends on the type of your appliance and the time we need to make it look perfect as well. All the detergents we use are soda-free. Don’t hesitate to contact us and you will get an absolutely free quote. Please, be really precise when you are describing the condition of your oven, so that we will be able to give you exact information about the prices you will have to pay.

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