Today we all have busy lifestyles. We have million things to do, we go to work, we take care of the household, we travel, read, learn. Our lives are tense and sometimes very stressful and when our rent agreement is coming to an end, we can even forget one of the most important parts – the end of tenancy cleaning.

And after we have performed that kind of cleaning, the landlord arrives or the letting agency’s representative to inspect the property. He walks with the inventory checklist and the end of tenancy cleaning one and if all the surfaces are not spotless and the carpet not deeply cleaned, you fail and do not receive your security deposit back. This whole place has to look absolutely flawless and only then you will have your happy ending and the money back in your pocket.

Chelsea SYK Cleaners are professionals, skilled and experienced, and they specialize in end of tenancy cleaning.

That is why we guarantee you the so dreamt inspection pass. And because we perfectly understand how valuable your time and how tense your everydayness are, we offer a same day service. One of our highly professional teams will come and clean your home as soon as you call us.

Though this kind of service is not a popular offer, in most of the cases it is what all the clients need. Contact us and we will be at your door within only a couple of hours.


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